HI everyone!

Today i’m blogging about ways to get PSA Birth Certificate or formerly known as NSO birth Certificate fast and easy.

I know you wanna find out the easiest way without getting into long queuing in less time and effort. So, lets get started……

1. First, find the nearest SM business Center near you. Click this link for the list of Sm Business Center and specific location nationwide.

2. Once you get there, everything is much easier than you thought, you need to fill out a form titled “PSA” or you can ask the assistance of the guard or anyone in there. Fill it out, get a queue number

3. Wait till they call your number, then Voila!! Your turn, give the filled out form and pay 140 pesos, yeah thats how much it cost for one copy of birth Cert as of September 2016.

4. Don’t forget to get your receipt as you need it to claim your document. The cashier will tell you when it will be available for pick up. Approximately 5 days in my experience exclusive of weekend.

5. Upon claiming bring a valid ID. If you’re requesting for a birth certificate for someone else and you’re not his parent/spouse/direct descendant/legal guardian, you are required to present your own valid ID along with an authorization letter and a valid ID of the applicant.