As we all know Grean tea has a lot of health benefits not just through drinking but as well external use like a hair growing agent, removes puffy eyes and of course as a facemask. In fact, its’s a known ingredient for some expensive beauty product lines like Sephora Skin, Body Shop, Etude house, Tony Molly etc.  So I did experiment since I have 2 boxes of teabags left that will be expiring in a month so why not just use it for some other purpose. So here’s a simple review about my DIY Facemask on my first use but don’t worry I will keep you updated as I plan to regularly do this once in a week and see what happens.


One Green Tea bag

One teaspoon full of honey or brown sugar mix with water


So here is a shot of my face-no filter whatsoever before washing it. As you can see I have a light make up on  (I just got home from work so yeah kinda bit oily coz I haven’t retouch yet , as my readers know my ready-to-go make up is just loose powder, lipstick and eyebrows)


So lets get started!

1.Always wash your face before applying any mask, it could be using your foaming wash or soap whatever you use. This is to allow the ingredients to penetrate better into your skin. Pat it dry, remember do not rub your face with towel.


2. While letting it dry, cut off the tea bag and mix the honey, whip it together until the honey turns a little bit greenish. I highly recommend honey because it is known to moisturize, rejuvenate and tighten your skin  . But you could always use some alternative liquids like mixture of brown sugar or just a water. So here’s mine.


3. Then apply and spread it all over your face like this. Do not massage ‘coz its a little bit rough, you might end up scratching your sensitive face.


4. Rinse it off with lukewarm water, do not use soap, do not rub.




My face feels

  1. So smooth
  2. Firm and tight
  3. Fresh


  1. Apply it firmly using your hand.
  2. Lay back, granules fell off.


  1. Do not rub it, you might end up scratching your face.
  2. Do not put too much honey, makes it fell off that easy.


This simple mask actually can help to prevent blackheads, reduce red spots and it is known to prevent acne which suits me well as I have a pimple-prone face. After several use it is known to give you a clear and glowing face. I recommend you do it once a week or maybe twice preferably at night before going to bed. I am so excited for more great results from you guys as what it has done to me.

Happy Reading!