Today I’m going to blog about affordadable long lasting Matte Lipstick that you would surely love like I how I fell in love with the first time I saw the packaging.

Nowadays trend is into Matte Lipstick , thanks to Kylie Jenner who also made her own lipstick line of nude matte that comes in different shades.

Lets get started I am gonna make it short and straight to the point.

Yeah just  like everyone I have bought a lot of lipstick different brand and shades. I bought the famous Maybelline coz 1st its affordable compare to other line like MAX FACTOR and REVLON. Then I also bought one shade of Nyx  Nude matte which is just okay-its not so matte as i expected, well from a distance it looks good but as soon as you eat ssomething it fades away in an instant i think Nyx is more on Creamy matte.

I went in SM Department Store in Makati one day trying lipsticks then I came across this cute liptick packaging its called NICKA K VIVID MATTE LIPSTICK, they only have few shades at that time so I pick the pink one and tried it, the moment I smudge it on my lips I know this is the one. Then i ask about the price and guess what its only Php 199.00/USD 4.23 but you can actually just buy it at 2.99 in their online shopping site link.


So if you are finding for affordable long lasting matte lipstick this is definitely the one right now I have 3 shades of it, I have been using it for like 3 months now and I love it, I gave away all my prevous lipsticks (rather than stuck it, better let other make use of it) and i am not thinking of buying any other brands anymore, to be honest i can’t find any reason to change it.

1. Long lasting that can last for like 24 hours
2. True matte
3. Doesn’t dry lips
4. Full color, Vivid and bold
5. Affordable
6. Quality is matched with the high-end brands
7. Comes with different shades
None at all aside from the fact that they have limited stall in the Philippines yet.

So girls out there if you are reading this, rush to nearest department store and try this quality affordable matte lipstick that you will surely love. Don’t miss it!