Finding the right moisturizer for your sensitive skin is not easy. It can either work or make you breakout.

I came accross human nature boutique last May in Alabang and i bought this night moisturizer, i tried it same night it has a lavender scent which is just okay, maybe an off for some.
Greatest fear i had when i first tried it was having breakout the next day. My face feels so soft right after massaging it onto my face in circular motion.

Next morning, i was surprised not a single pimple pop out so thats a big plus!! So i continued using it until i finish the bottle, surprisingly it didnt make me break out but i did have pimple from time to time but its manageable, it never gotten worst.

I give this product 7/10, if you have sensitive skin you may want to try this but if you are looking for whitening night cream this is not the one, it gives you soft skin yes but i haven’t notice any drastic effect. I guess if you are just looking for a moisturizer that wont make you breakout, this is definitely it.

Right now i’m not using it anymore. But i tell you give it a try it may give you much better result than it did to mine.

I hope this help you out!!