Today i’m going to make a short but informative blog about my very own experience with Fashion 21 two way cake with milk moisturizer SPF 35+.

I’ve been using this powder foundation for 2 years since i was 20 (so you have idea now how old i am) but i prefer calling it press powder since i don’t really use this as a finishing powder over a liquid foundation or not even use it with wet sponge as the label suggest.

This form part of my ready to go beauty routine, so first i have my Celeteque moisturizer (which i also written a blog about it, open this link) wait until it dries then loose powder to set it, mine is J&J ( it really doesn’t matter what brand you prefer) then a little bit of blush i actually use the Evera Blush glow ‘coz its very long lasting and gives you natural pinkish glow then after it i put some loose powder again to even it out….
And finally the fashion 21 two way cake to make it more polish, smooth and even your skin tone , for me i use the natural shade.

1. Its very cheap, you can buy it at 195 pesos, the refill cost only 140 pesos. So even if you retouch a lot, its not like you’re wasting a buck.

2.  It minimize my oiliness

3. It never made me breakouk even if sometimes i forgot to buy new sponge. I recommend washing it or buy new one once every 2 weeks.

4. It gives you very light coverage that makes you look fresh and natural.

5. Its great for everyday coverage.

6. Easy access, you can find it in almost every department store nationwide.


Actually none except that it doesn’t last longer which is not a major issue. I mean, what do you expect?? Its not like you paid thousands for it. For girls who doesn’t have much problem on face like pimples and freckles, i really think this is a good product.


Absolutely!! It doesn’t hurt to try. 3 bucks and you can make use of it for more than  a month.

So ladies Be Confidently Beautiful You.