She was broken, confuse and vulnerable.

Out of nowhere she engaged on chatting random people, she was lost, trying to forget that “one guy” she hoped will fight for her despite distance and time. Time goes by, it did help in awhile, feeling occupied hurt started to fade thru time, hope comes into light. She was happy, she felt loved but she knows it’s nothing serious but for fun. She started hitting that “like” to random guys, hoping to find that one guy and will have a courage to make her smile.

2 am after midnight a message came says hi, she saw the face in a distant side and replied immediately. Out of a lot of guys who hit him up ,but why him? That’s the question in her mind. No one knew neither her.long_distance_relationships2_iwrohn

They chatted till morning with no feelings as stranger, it was like they knew from a very long time. Both fell asleep without knowing.

She tried to friendzoned him coz she was stupid at that time, she knows he was better than the rest but she thinks she deserve more than better without knowing he is the best.

Next day he messaged her again she woke up to his good morning. It was strange she was happy. Both chatted till midnight again, different timezone was never felt, she felt they were too close yet too far.

Days like this continued, much likes and dislikes was shared, she learned to love him as a brother and her as his sister, she longs for it. They know each other secrets, she started to like everything about him and realize one day she’s…….falling, despite knowing the things that she hated before, she hates hairy guy and he’s one of them, but she’s blinded, no reason but love. She left everything, she ignored her standard, she forgotten the guy that hurted her. That day she knows he’s the one.

They became more than friends. Yes friends who never met ,never saw each and never felt each other but she felt home with him. It was like an unknown tale which were also unknown to the both stranger- friends.

One day, she asked him a question , “Do you love me?” She was shocked by his answer, she thought right away to just leave, painless!.  He said he will only know by the time they meet in person. Ouch, she was really hurt again, she was afraid of losing people.. But it seems like he’s afraid to lose her, she knows she can feel it that is why she stayed.

But unknowingly while confessing to each other friends turned to lovers, Yes they are on their 4th month now and she’s very happy. She’s very glad she never left him, he needs her, she needs him. Yes they never met in reality. But he was her motivation, he was her smile and he is her pillow in the cold night.


Do not be afraid to fall in love again. You will never know who’s worth keeping if you never tried again.