I’ll be blogging my own experience in getting NBI clearance in UN AVENUE branch.

Here are the step by step procedures that wouldn’t take you 10 mins.

  1. MAKE an APPOINTMENT via online.
  2. Visit http://www.nbi-clearance.com .
  3. Click sign up for new applicants or Log in if you have previously created your profile.
  4. Fill up all the necessary fields then once done click APPLY FOR CLEARANCE TAB at the upper right portion, you will be prompted to type your ID which is the one you will be presented in the NBI satellite before you can proceed to biometrics. Once done Click I AGREE proceed to payment. Then click
  5. A page will appear where you can choose what BRANCH you prefer to proceed for biometrics. Choose among the list from drop down menu. Then click on the desired date, slots will be shown for AM and PM schedule.
  6. Then on the right side, Click on PURPOSE choose among the list, same thing with the PURPOSE DETAILS.
  7. Below you can see payment options. Click on the desired payment method.
  8. Once done, you will be instructed how payment will be made. Note they charged PHP25.00 for payment other than those made directly thru the Satellite Branch.
  9. PRINT the application form.
  10. Go to the BRANCH you have been scheduled. Once you arrived, feel free to ask the guard or any personnel inside for the BIOMETRICS section and tell them you have made your application online. As for me, I have made my appointment in UN BRANCH, the staff were very nice to me, I told them I have applied online and instructed me to proceed in the 3rd Floor, here you can find the EDIT SECTION where you will proceed for BIOMETRICS and if there are things you want to edit in your online application, I was able to change my ID presented from passport to PRC ID since I forgot to bring my passport.
  11. Once identity was verified (Picture taking, fingerprints and signature) WITH HIT or NO HIT screen with appear.
  12. If No HIT, voila!! You are ready to proceed in PRINTING SECTION
  13. If with HIT, normally it would take 2 weeks maximum to wait.

Fast and Easy.