To start with I want to give you a brief background about myself and the reasons that made me choose to leave Philippines.

If you are one of my avid reader/ follower you probably know that I’m a Philippine Certified Public Accountant by profession.

I graduated with Latin Honor- MAGNA CUM LAUDE at Far Eastern University with the degree of BS Accountancy last April 2015, enrolled in review school right away for another six months from May to October. Then, took the  CPA board exam on October 2015  and passed the same! Hooray!! Right away I got offered by the one of the Big 4 auditing firm (let’s just keep it private) with a very high rate compared to normal graduates with no honor and coming from the province. I have always asked myself why did I choose to be employed in the firm, I’ve always have the choice to be employed in private companies with much higher pay and less work. But yeah of course I did choose the firm, coz I thought I’m still young (well I was just 20 when I graduate) and hungry for experience. But why this firm after all? I answered myself, simple ‘coz they are considered number one in the Philippines and they cater majority of the businesses in the here, so why not, and during those time I was already certain that I will never stay in public practice for such a long time, so if you’re just after experience then try to maximize it. Choose a firm that will bring out the best of you, test your patience and how you think.

Now marks my 1st year anniversary with the firm and I think I have already maximize my stay, I know in my mind and heart that I’m more than ready to face whatever comes along the way. I have enjoyed my tenure but this is not the life for me, I need to chase that silverlining before it’s too late. I am still young and whatever path I take I know there would be no regrets only great experience.

I get lucky I have parents who live in gulf specifically Saudi, before I reach my first year in the firm I have consistently telling my parents that I was already tired and knowing that until that point in time I still don’t have any savings. But that was fine ‘coz I can always say that I’m young and enjoying life. But did I really have life? maybe at some point. But I can say there was no single decision I have ever regret. There maybe downs but its life and that’s how you learn.

Back to the main story, now marks the date of my resignation. HOORAY! I don’t feel any hard feelings I don’t know why. I am so excited, I’m not terrified.

Now I’m taking another path , yes! I’m leaving to start a new life in QATAR. I know its gonna be exciting ‘coz I’ve always wanted to explore different culture, place and people.

With the help of my parents and my adventurous side, all my dreams are coming into life..




Until my next blog, i’ll keep you updated guys.