So guys i’ll just be sharing about my experience in Boracay, a must see destination if you are planning to visit Philippines.

If you are coming from Manila, you need to take a domestic flight which you can choose among CEBU PACIFIC, AIRASIA or PHILIPPINE AIRLINE, but i would recommend Cebu Pacific because the have the cheapest airfare based from my experience and coz i always browsing their booking website looking for promos etc.
There are two destination you could choose from, its either Caticlan or Kalibo, Kalibo is quite far away from the Boracay Island itself but the plane ticket cost much cheaper.
So for me and friends we chose Kalibo coz we got a good deal online. So upon Arrival, you need to ride a bus going to the island, its very convenient coz just right in front of the airport, you will find various ticketing booth for the service bus. So its gonna be approximately an hour and a half.
Then once you get there its not yet over, you still need to take a boat again since its a tourist spot dont be afraid to just ask people they would surely help you out, you need to buy another ticket,  then ride the boat and voila it wouldnt take more than 10 mins and your in Boracay Island.

To sum it up from Naia Airport to Boracay it would approximately 3 hours maximum. Then you could just ride a van or a tricycle going to your hotel.

So below is how it looks like. Just like what you heard from people or read online, boracay is such a beautiful paradise. I think the main difference if you compare it to other islands around the philippines is the night life. When we were there, it was what we enjoyed the most. And of course the activities like fly fish, banana boat, parasailing and many more.