It’s been tiring week for me, too much sun and smoke exposure, poor face had to suffer much from dirt and pollution that is why i decided today to take a break from work and stress. And one of my favorite things to do is blogging and trying new stuff and letting you know my thoughts and opinions.

So for today it’s mask day! comparing to my last blog about DIY green tea mask, it will be different this time coz i’ll be using NATURE REPUBLIC Real Nature Mask Sheet Green Tea.


At any Nature Republic Store, mine was from Landmark Department Store in Makati ground gloor. But since they are new in the Philippines, they only have few boutiques so far, i’m pretty sure you could buy them online.

You know the routine,

  1. First, wash off your face with your favorite facial wash, mine is pure DOVE soap bar. Wash thoroughly and pat it dry ( do not scrub ur face with a towel, just dab)
Processed with VSCO
S7 selfie shot. No filter whatsoever. As you can see my skin is not perfect but i love it. It’s not worst either.

2. Apply a toner if you want to prepare the skin for the next steps. I didn’t use toner tho coz mine is not for cleansing, its more on whitening.

3. Open the pouch, pull off the mask careful coz its very watery. And on the face, the eye area will help you align it correctly like below.

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4. Remove after 30 mins for better absorbtion. But i strongly recommend to just let the mask dries up before you remove it.


  1. It has a cooling effect and i love the scent.
  2. It makes your skin feels so smooth after.
  3. It lightens up your face, it may not be permanent but at least it does work.


  1. It’ s so watery that when you lay on your bed, most of the liquid slides on your neck.
  2. My face feels sticky, that i decided to wash it off after an hour. And i noticed my face got darker. Weird!


I think i will use this product more often like maybe once every 2 weeks, coz it really does help your face to rejuvinate , relax and at least once in a while you gotta treat it nicely after being expose with too much chemicals and harmful UV rays.

That maybe the secret of most koreans, if you notice almost every mask you see in beauty shops everywhere are from korea, didnt it give you idea that maybe the reason why is because they use it a lot.

Filipinos may have different skin texture than koreans. Most of you guys would think that theirs are much better, but for me i think personally speaking as a third party without bias, filipinos have better skin. And i know you want me to enumerate the reasons why.

  1. First, the weather. Ph weather sucks yeah coz we only have sunny and rainy season. When i say sunny that is like majority of the year and its really hot like your inside an oven toasting urself. Whether you use sunblock reality is, it just makes you even more darker when you use the wrong one. So try put koreans in here or make them stay for like a year maybe. I know some back in college, in just less than year they had already pimples and white and black heads. And some of them even get darker. But i’m sure they would regain their real original skin once they get back in korea. But for us filipinos our skin is meant for this kind of weather and the fact that we dont use much of skin care like them.
  2.  Fair skin is being linked nowadays with the word “beautiful”. Those two are different boys. That also the reason why glutathione is such a mainstream in the Philippines, everyone wanna get whiter coz they have this idea in mind that even uf you doesnt look really good as long as your fair, you will be noticeable. Thats not really true girls, i may not be really white and im not dark either but i still find “Morena” more attractive than “White”. Ask other culture. And just look at those hollywood celebrity dying to have tans.
  3.  They have more access to plastic surgery and skin treatment by dermatologist. While Filipinos, dont even seek help from them not unless its a worst case scenario.