For the past 21 years of my life, i only had same hairstyle- straight hair all the way!

So one day i decided to have a major hair makeover and that would be having my hair permed. Thats right, and since i wanted a nice perm i pick Tony and Jackey korean curl , it was quite expensive comparing to local salons as for mine it was worth Php 4,000 .

So to begin with upon entering the salon i have already search about their services and prices but it will be completely different once you get there, they gonna offer you add ons like treatment? Hair cut and etc which comes with another price.

I already had a budget in mind that time, thats why i kept on insisting to just have my hair permed and nothing more but of course they will repeatedly offer you other services, just ignore it and tell them you dont have any extra money with you, it was kinda annoying.

First, they gonna rinse your hair.


Then they will start blow drying it and put some hair treatment and steam


After about 30 mins, they will cut your hair depending on what kind of curl you want, then apply another chemical and steam.


Next thing you know they will start rolling it using this.


After about and hour and a half, its done!! But they gonna steam it again for one last time.


Then blow drying and put some hair polish and voila’ here it is.


After a month this is how it looks like.


After two months.



And today.


So what do you think about my perm. Feel free to like, ask question and comment below.