Recently i’ve been thinking and keep on searching up what do guys hate about girls or boyfriends to their girlfriends. So i came up to my top 10 list based from internet and with the help of my boyfriend.

I did ask for his help, he actually didn’t know i will write a blog about it. I just casually ask him what he doesnt like about girls in general or about me that annoys him. Hahaha, thanks mi amor.

Below will summarize my findings, disclaiming that this may not be accurate or applicable to everyone, but sure will give you hints about guys.

  1. Nagging

Guys hate it when a girl nags on them too much. They hate mouthy gal, so if you have a crush on someone and you want to get his attention, please girl dont be like those who talk too loud and fast, i tell you its not cool its a big turn off. For girlfriends, nagging is same as  checking on him all time and always finding reason to start a fight. Instead, why do we just support them with whatever they wanna do as long as they are not cheating. He will love you even more.

  1. He wants his personal space

Irritation begins when you want him to devote all his time to you. Truth is guys wants their personal space, not because you are together their life would stop and will just revolve around you. Girls, you need to understand that not because your man is busy with something, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you anymore. That’s just guys in general.

  1. When you leave them with a hard on

Boys love foreplay a lot as much as girls do but you should be aware that when you started it you should finish it. Don’t ever leave them hanging. It will obviously going to annoy your man you making him want you and will suddenly rush to do something or for some other reasons. Once you make them hard, there’s no turning back girl.

  1. Make-up overdoes vs. Natural

If you think men love makeups, long fake nails, extention hair, you are definitely dreaming. Yes you may be right, they gonna look at you in a bit but it doesn’t mean they wanted a SERIOUS relationship with you, boys are boys. They know the trick, you wear heavy make up to get attention, they will gonna give it you but in their heart and mind you are not the type of girl that is worth keeping. Obsssessing too much with make up will make them think your high maintenance/ gold digger/ drama queen or the ” not serious type” women ( no intention to offend). No guys would want to be with a girl who always wanted to get attention from guys.

Truth is they love natural looking girls or just wear make up that looks natural or light ones.

  1. Being high maintenance

These girls are hard to please and they will always find reason for you to please them and that drives guys crazy. Thats when they start to cheat and become attracted to a happy girl, coz they make them smile and you don’t.

  1.  Drama Queen

It is completely normal for girls to randomly feel sad sometimes, but not all the time. If it is a habit of a girl to find drama in everything and even involve their boyfriend, you’re giving him an idea of what you would become when you both get married. Which makes him think to get away with it as soon as possible. You know there’s no problem but we sometimes find wrong things in everything ‘coz truth is we just wanna get attention from our boyfriend and we want them to please us, comfort us. But what if your boyfriend is that kind of guy? Just be sensitive.

  1. Gold Digger

Guys will love you very much when you keep on telling him you still love him despite the fact that he’s broke. They will definitely keep you forever and will always remember thatwhen they get more, they would love to share it with you.

8. Being too jealous

Guys hate it when you’re always jealous about girls they talked to or even their girl friends who in fact they have known for a long time before you. Don’t get jealous for petty reasons, some guys are just gentleman, and you shouldnt put label in everything they do.

9. Being Overly Dependent

It is a complete turnoff if you don’t know how to handle some things by yourself. Guys love it when they see you are enjoying your life even without him, they love independent woman who can carry herself with confidence in everything. You should have separate hobbies, likes and dislikes, friends and life. Being together doesnt mean you’re personal life stops there.

  1. When you constantly tries to change him

Love him for who he is. Before you did love him, you got to know him and you learned to love what u’ve known about him. That’s why you are together now, so don’t try to suddenly just nag him about stuff you hate. Instead, remind him in a nice way to get better or improve but dont force him to do whatever you want him to be just because that’s you ideal guy or coz that how your favorite celebrity looks or your ex were better. Thats a Big No.

Did you learn something from above? I hope i was able to help you somehow to improve you relationship coz it did help mine. I used to be like the “drama queen” and whenever i pull something like that, my boyfriend always interrupt me and tell me i quote ” is this some test again” hahahah its funny, he really knows me very well and we just end up laughing at it.

Tell me you opinions and questions, i would always make time to reply.

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