September 14,2016

“He may be far but he never missed it.

He always remember, he never forgets.

He loves me, i love him.

Distance is never felt, for the love that never fades.

Differences may be evident, but love is never doubted.

He support my carreer, i inspire his studies.

Take care my love, we’ll be together and fly like a dove.”

-i made this poem for mi amore, despite distance he never failed to surprise me. Like this necklace it was his first gift to me engraved with our names ‘coz he wanted guys to know that im his and i’m very proud about him.

People may not understand the concept of long distance relationship, they think it will not work but they are wrong and i will prove them everyday why. The miles that separate us measure how far we can fight for our love. There is no single instance i doubted it, just like the saying

“When two people are meant for each other, no time is too long , no distance is too far, no one ca ever tear them apart”.

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