The Culprit

One day i was sitting at the middle of a public place called mall, just observing people around me. Then i got interest into girls, how one differ from another especially on how they look giving focus on the faces.

I observed that only 1 out of 10 girls have pimple-free face. Most of them wear make up i can tell. Some even put too much to conceal their pimple scars and dark lipstick which is the trend today. But little they know i was observing them, i just realized that it doest really look good if you wear heavy make ups and concealer especially if u have a lot of pimple marks. Concealing it just make it worst and look gross.

Due to humid weather in here, make ups  melt in an instant which makes it worst. I remember myself like 2 years ago. I stress myself too much on how to conceal my pimples and scars which the old ones left. I even thought i look pretty with those heavy concealers but now i realized i wasn’t . I kinda feel ashamed of myself now and of those stuff i did before, i definitely look ugly for other people. I was really desperate it was 6 years struggle of mine fighting them everyday. There was a point in my past that i lost my self esteem big time, i dont wanna go out anymore, i tried everything but it just got worst af. That was the time my parents sent me to the dermatologist, it took around 3 months to clear out my face. But the battle is not over, pimple marks are hard to fade away i even had pimple pits which until now are still evident. It was long medication, high maintenance, i was just a student and i cant finance it. When everything went well, i stop my maintenance and tried different products again hoping to find the right one for me. Then pimples came back, i got stress again. Then one day i got tired i told myself to just ignore it, i’m done i dont wanna stress out myself anymore. I learned to love it, i dumped my make ups and just stick with
Local moisturizer and loose powder. Then i notice my face improved, it was not a drastic chnage but i can see the difference.
To summarize yeah i discovered the culprit- it’s your hands and the make ups you use to use to cover it up. Hands off ladies!!!

So girls if you are reading this, try to ignore it for once, do not touch your pimpy as much as possible , this is the same advice you will get from Kim kardashian and Kendall Jenner.

Below is taken 4 years ago. That wasnot the worst, i just cannot find a picture of it. But as soon i find one, i will keep you updated.

And this is how i look today.