Since i am already leaving Philippines and i think after this i will be moving a lot, it would be nice to have souvinier in every country i go.

I thought about postcard but the thing is i am not sure if i can keep them forever.

Just earlier i was in mall i went to H&M, G2000 then bershka looking for a travel sweater. Then i saw a jacket with random logo patches so i thought it would be nice if i will have emboidered country flag patches in my travel jacket in very place i go. So that was my idea.

I actually bought an airport-look travel cardigan, i picked white so the colorful batches i will be putting will be more catchy.

So now i’m kinda searching where to buy those mini flags here, coz i want to put them on the cardigan i bought before i leave. For now it will be Philippines and Qatar, i dont have any plans to overdo it ‘coz thats when it becomes “not so classy”. You would appreciate it a lot if you will only be putting the flags u’ve been. It’ll look more legit and thoughtful and people would know you just didn’t put that for nothing unlike the picture below. There is a lot of things going on, yes its catchy but the sentimental value itself why you put them is lacking. It looks like you just randomly sew stuff on it.



I hope i gave you a wonderful idea. It may not be the trend now, but i am pretty sure after this post, it will eventually be a big hit in fashion is some future time not just during fall. Some sew it on their denim jacket like above and some on their pants which looks weird and so common.


Travellers do this.


I am really happy that i did it before everyone else does. But like i said for me its not something i wanna overdo. I am not after the fashion, for me it’s more on the sentimental value and as a souvinier/ remembrance.

So what do you think? If you’re in the Manila and you know a place to buy these stuff let me know, feel free to comment below.