So as most of you probably don’t know, I’m in a long distance relationship where my boyfriend and I are 8,487 miles away from each other, 12 hours difference is no joke. But we manage it and we never felt like were too afar. I think distance should never a reason to stop loving someone, as long as you remain loyal and faithful i can’t foresee any problem along the way.


but soon, since I am moving that will be lessened to 6,695 miles. It sucks to feel that I can’t hug and kiss him whenever he needs it the most but that’s just the sad reality. But other than that, everything else is doing great. I’m starting a new life and career in a completely new place while he’s on his way getting his degree. What can i ask for? we are both striving to give each other an amazing future when we finally get together. And by that time, i know we’ll be ready .


I really hope sooner it will be Zero miles apart.

But who would thought we’re gonna make this far. He’s my longest relationship and knowing that he was the only LDR I’ve ever had, I never thought we could make it.  We are just new couple, quantitatively 4 months as of today, but I still feel like the same way the first time I met him and I even love him more and more each them. He fills the gap in my broken heart and fixed the broken pieces into one. Sometimes we fight and this may due to cultural differences but he always reminds me that love has no boundaries. That is how romantic he is, I can’t wait for the time I will be blogging about our travels and experiences together. And i know that would sooner than we expect.