Hi wonderful readers,

For my avid followers, i think i mentioned in my past blogs that i am currently working up my ass to permanently move in persian gulf. Yes i am still employed in an accounting firm but since i have already tendered my resignation which will be effective this November 21st, lately i’ve been so laid back and got so much time in writing and i dont have any plans of stopping.

So today is slow day, i was in front of a mirror just staring of myself and wondering what would be the preparations i’m gonna do to myself before i leave and when i said that i am talking about PHYSICAL CHANGE.

Most of teenagers nowadays especially asians are so obssess of having white/ fair skin, i can’t blame them coz i did the same. And you know the reason why? You would be surprise if you’re not from philippines. It’s because beauty in here is having fair skin meaning even if you are not beautiful as long as you have white fair complexion you are considered pretty and rich. Yeah it’s very disappointing and i hate it. But i’m gonna prove to you that you can be beautiful even with dark skin.


That is me, i look a bit darker on that picture probably ‘coz of the IG filter, truth is i intentionally made it look like that, coz i think it looks sexy and i love tanned girls.

In real life i’m not dark, i have slightly fair complexion but that is not my point, if you are “morena” or brown-skinned one, do not think you’re inferior. Some of them already lose their confidence and think they are ugly. You’re not! truth is you’re much prettier than them but you’re just lacking one thing– CONFIDENCE.

That’s the best dress you can wear sweetie, do not envy other girls just because of their color. You are beautiful just the way you are, you just need to start loving yourself and everything else will follow.

Read magazines and internet tutorial on how to improve your yourself, diy make ups for brown skin tone, and wear clothing that suit you. I know you already know these stuff but the confidence is lacking in you. You judge yourself before other does. You were already thinking of what will other people say to you before they even do.

I’ve been there, i know the feeling. But things changed when i learned to love my color, my whole self inside and out. And that’s when i started to gain my confidence and people can vibe that and they started to love me, envy me and be like me.


And you can be like that too. Start today and lets be awesome together.