Today i asked my boyfriend about his Top 5 list that girls should not do on the first date if you still want him to ask you for a second date.

  1. Girls, set aside your phone. Constantly looking at your phone during the entire date is definitely a turn off for guys except if you intend him to dislike you.
  2. If you offered to pay, that’s a plus point. Guys find independent girl very attractive and by offering to pay that makes you one of them. But don’t worry he will surely insist.
  3.  You should not constantly talking about yourself. Don’t boast to much about your life, instead you should be more interested about him. Coz giving focus on his life makes him think you are into him.
  4. You should not be talking about pop culture . Funny i dont even know about that stuff is. But thats just my boyfriend.
  5. Lastly, not being yourself. One good example is wearing heavy makeup and your gesture like being too cautious. Guys can sense it if you are just faking your actions. And lying about details about yourself does matter for guys coz petty lie is where big lie begins.


Hope that helps you a bit.