ghtWhile browsing my facebook i came across an article about how laughing slim you down. i just laugh at it, coz as slim-born person, it was never my problem but sure it would be nice to share to know this works.

The article can be found at The Telegraph written by Kate Devlin, Medical Correspondent.

She wrote “Laughing out loud also makes the chest rise and fall, which in turn means that stomach muscles have to work harder, which can help to tighten them” and “The act of laughing can even help the skin, by using up to 15 facial muscles, helping to give the face a work out” which is both true, we are unconsciously doing exercise without any need to go to gym and not only that laughter can make you lovely too.

And according to Dr Helen Pilcher on her research, commissioned by UKTV Gold, it was found that an hour of strong laughter burns off around 100 calories, the equivalent of a small bag of crisps or small bar of chocolate.

Another article from says that a new research was published in the International Journal of Obesity which has discovered that laughter really is the best medicine for a weight problem. It has been discovered that it increased both heart rate and calorie expenditure by up to 20 per cent – and the longer participants laughed for the greater the effects.

Did you know also that one of the benefits of laughter is that it can help you tone your abs. Aha you can check it out ta together with the other benefits of laughing.

Well for me whether it helps you cut excess weight or not, laughing is definitely the best medicine for anything and smiling is the best make up a girl can ever wear.