2 years ago my eyes looks so pale like this.


It was always been my plan to have eyeliner tattoo, but like everyone i was lacking courage but i did it anyway. Well, it wouldn’t hurt i know some people who have it and it still looks amazing even the faded ones.

It was a long contemplation, i have read a lot of articles about it as well as personal experiences online. I told myself fuck it, i wouldn’t really know the real pain unless i try it. I made an appointment with Lets Face It facial salon saturday afternoon, the day before that i even had an overnight swimming out-of-town. I was literally sleepless we get back in the city the next day which is saturday glad we made it after lunch. I took 2 hours nap then went right away to the clinic which is located inside Greenbelt 1.

Upon entering the clinic, I was still a bit unsure if i am going to push this. Well, i was already there, there is no backing out.

I’ve waited for 20 mins because the attendant was still busy. Glad the procedure will be done inside a room unlike other facial treatments which are done outside the rooms without any divider or even curtain.

She warned me right away that though she will be putting some anesthesia it will just be on the surface and it will tickle a “little”as it gets right through the skin. Hahahhaha.

She first cleaned it up then the dissecting begins. Urgh.

So here i begin, the first time i felt the needle on my eyelids, it really didn’t hurt, i will disclaim on this part ‘coz i have high tolerance on pain. It may feel be completely different for you. But do not worry the first 2 mins of tracing the needle and ink on your upper eyelid you wouldn’t really feel any pain but she was right it tickles i guess it’ s because of the topical anesthesia. But as it gets deeper and longer, that is where you will feel the pain, you would feel tears felling off. You should at least bring stress balls with you. It feels like facial pricking. The pain is tolerable i must say just think of the most painful experience you had.

I think the procedure took almost an hour. Yeah just imagine your eyelid is getting scratch by a needle a thousand times. Hahha lol im just exaggerating but that’s how it is. They will repeatedly tracing the ink back and forth. After she was done with the first eye i was not quite sure anymore if i want my other eye to get tattooed but she told me it wouldn’t hurt that much anymore coz i already know that pain. I bet to differ, it was much more painful on the second time, its coz you are already expecting the same pain and you know it wouldn’t be over yet unlike on the first eye that was already done. I was already teary eyed and runny nose. You probably know that feeling.

I thought its over but after she cleaned it up, she went over it again to make sure its even out. Urgh. Nooooooo. I can even see some blood or ink sprinkling from the needle pen.

Finally its over, i can feel my eyes swollen. She told me to slowly open my eyes, huh i can barely open it, it was very swollen. They will recommend you to buy Terramycin (pfizer) worth 500 pesos.

My next problem was, how to go home it can’t be exposed to dirt coz its wounded and still bleeding. I recommend you to bring shades with you. You wouldn’t want people staring at your bleeding swollen eyes.

After 2 weeks, it’s completely healed. But the healing process just took me 3 days and it looks normal already. No bleeding and puffy eyes.


Then i went to Puerto galera for a vacation with my ready to go cosmetic tattoo upper eyeliner.


Then to Boracay for holiday, hassle free with my no touch up beautiful eyes.


Mountain climbing, worry-less with my permanent eyeliner.


Then i had my curl, it is still there.


I guess i would still be spending more memories with my permanent upper eyelid tattoo eyeliner. I love it so much, less makeup time for me and saves my haggard day.

Any questions, feel free to comment below.