Tired of expensive salon hairstyling? Wanna have an ombre? Highlights? Glad you visit my page and i’m gonna teach you how to do it yourself.

NOVEMBER 10, 2016

Today i just bought hair bleaching powder and 12% oxidizing lotion Coz im going to highlight my hair when i get back in my hometown. So before i left i bought this two and i will update you on the outcome once i get home. This will be my first agenda on the first day of my staycation.


I was actually looking for Hortaleza bleaching powder, i heard and read a lot of good reviews about it but they went out of stock today but you could actually buy yours at any HBC outlet nationwide (Philippines) so instead i bought this Monea Hair Bleach Powder, it’s very cheap as you can see it is worth Php 39.75 / USD .80 that is why i bought two just in case one sachet wouldn’t be enough, you can buy this at any watsons store, mine was bought in Landmark Makati ground floor. But if you are outside Philippines, i believe there would be a lot of brands to choose from, you can go to the nearest drugstore or department store.


And you will also be needing an oxidizing lotion, this one is normally can seen whenever you buy hair hair coloring it is actually the white one that comes with it. This one is worth Php 35 / USD .80 . Worth it right, you will also be needing a plastic container, brush and of course a plastic gloves. I bought this at HBC store in MRT Ayala.

NOVEMBER 11, 2016

As promise, this will be my first agenda on my staycation. Lets get started.

Sorry i look like a mess here,i just got home from 12 hours trip from manila. I just put some loose powder on and little bit of lipstick.


Then tie your hair make a bun like this or whatever you want.


Pull some hair strands out of your bun, depending on your preference. This is tedious (hatest part) it would be easier if you have a friend to help you out.

Then roll the strands for easier application later.



Prepare for the bleaching powder. I put 1 teasepoon full on the container.


Then mix 1.5 teaspoon full of the oxidizing lotion. So that makes the proportion 1:1.5


Mix it well until it turns a little bluish. Wear your gloves preferably disposable one.


Apply it evenly make sure you don’t miss any portion, this is the most laborious part make sure you wear black shirt or any clothes you will not be using anymore. After applying, mine got bleach right away in less than 5 minutes. On how fast, i think it will depends on your hair type. Virgin black hair might took around 20 to 30 mins to achieve the lightest shade.



Actually there is no rule of the thumb on how long you want to sit the bleach on your hair. As long as it already achieved the lightest shade you want. You can rinse it right away. Mine took only 5 mins.

See the difference??


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