In choosing the best hair polish for your perm hair you will be torn between different brands which comes in different prices. I can actually say by just looking at the prices the competition is not that tight well just in terms of hair polish, unlike for shampoos and conditioner.

In manila there is only one brand that dominate the market in terms of hair polish and that is “VITRESS”, which comes with gel like or the liquid one.

But i did experiment for different brand- STYLEX this one is way much cheaper i think Pho 38/ USD. 79 for the 100 ml while the VITRESS cost Php 56 /USD 1.17 .


I would be comparing the two brands, pros and cons but funfact is, these two is actually manufactured by same Company- Splash Philippines, the maker of famous local brand toiletries and beauty products.

STYLEX- It is very concentrated if you compare to Vitress but that will not make it much better. It says in the packaging that it has a light weight formula which guarantees hair without sticky and heavy feeling, i must tell you that aint true. I thought at first that it might be my conditioner, or that i havent rinse my hair thoroughly but upon trying vitress it doesn’t feel the same. This cream will not just give you sticky feeling and heavy feeling as well as irritating mood. My head felt very heavy.

VITRESS- It didn’t mention anything about light weight formula on the packaging but it does!. I really love it i felt like my hair doesn’t have any hairdressing, it doesnt feel stiff and heavy. And the scent is not that strong. This one has a white version but i don’t recommend it. It is kinda the same like the Stylex.

I will surely buy tons of it before i leave philippines, it’s a good deal for hair, didn’t give me any hairfall or split ends like if you use other brand. I dont wonder why it’s no. 1 in the market.