Hi everyone!

This is going to be interesting, since it’s winter again you are probably searching for the best lip balm for shiny supple lips. I would be sharing mine, i’m not the right person to say that this is the best but i can assure you it will save your lips from drying and flaking.


So there it is, it actually comes in a cute box. I came across to it one time when i was repurchasing my favorite blush on, they have it on promo, if you two of those you’ll get one free and you could actually choose between that or the blush on since they have same price. So that’s how i discovered it and now we’re inseparable.

I mean why not? It only worth Php 90.00 / USD 1.80, there is actually nothing to lose. Plus it is very effective for dry chappy lips.

The consistency is just like a petroleum jelly so as the scent and comes with very light tint which is perfect for natural looking lips without heavy feeling.

It is a Philippine product but you could take a look at it in some online shop. This is a product of ever bilena cosmetics and they named it advance bitten lips coz it contains more advance chemicals compare to the first variant they launched which is just bitten lips.