If you are reading this you are probably leaving the Philippines for the first time and looking for guidelines/procedures on how to be able to survive airport long lanes and procedures. Just like you, i have experienced the same and i’ll be sharing my personal experience on this.


  1. Do not forget to put all the necessart papers in one folder preferably the clear one this includes:  Passport, OEC, Contract of employment, E-ticket, Pdos certificate, Visa, and ballpen
  2. Do not carry any liquid object in you hand carry bag. NO NO NO for sharp objects both for your hand carry and check in baggage.
  3. Bring at least 5,000 pesos for taxi fare and emergency purposes.
  4. You should be there at least 3 hours before your departure time.
  5. Double check you baggage, make sure they comply with airline specified dimensions and weights.


  1. Upon arriving at the terminal, look for  POEA counter which has different entrance separate from the main entrance located left most side facing the building. Present your PASSPORT and OEC’s. They will verify your information, stamp your OEC’s, and they will keep one(1) copy. You will be left with three(3) copies of the OEC.
  2. Proceed to the main entrance for the xray of baggages. Show your passport and e-ticket to the officer upon entering the premise.
  3.  Get your luggages after the xray.
  4. Look for the counter designated for your flight number and airline, you can see this on various screen shown upon entering the building. Usually designated counters open only 3 hours before the actual time departure. Wait until it open.
  5. Upon knowing the counter number, proceed and find it. Expect a long queieng/lane that is why you alot 3 hours to do this stuff.
  6. Check in your baggage, politely answer them if they have any questions regarding your luggage. Leave the check in baggage but bring with you your hand-carry luggage. Do not forget to get your documents before leaving the counter, BOARDING PASS and ask for the EMBARKATION CARD if they didnt give you any for you to fill out.
  7. Fill-up the EMBARKATION CARD before you proceed to immigration later.
  8. Go to OFW counter located beside counter 62 close to the center of the terminal. Present them your BOARDING PASS and OEC, again they will take another copy, leaving you with 2 copies.
  9. Then your ready to proceed to immigration gate. Upon entering prepare your PASSPORT, EMBARKATION CARD and BOARDING PASS and present it to the immigration counter. Be ready for some questions verifying your identity and purpose of travel etc.
  10. After this, expect another scanner for your hand carry luggage as well as body inspection.
  11. Find your designated GATE printed on your boarding pass.
  12. Find a seat on the waiting lounge and wait until your SEAT NUMBER is called.
  13. When you finally hear your seat number, present your boarding pass and you’re ready to fly.