One of the struggle I experienced and experiencing right now living in DOHA is how to find an alternative for my favorite Local Beauty products like facial wash, moisturizer and nigh creams/serums.

It took me years to discover the right products for my sensitive face but I guess I need to start from the scratch again finding the best/suitable products for my face, that is the only thing I’m worried about the rest of my essentials like lotion is fine since I only experience sensitivity on face.

I was kind of scared to try new one, that is why I searched up for my favorite Filipino Gluta C night repair serum all over DOHA but I failed to find one, I regret that I only brought with me two tube of it, now its been 4 weeks and I think what’s left of it will just suffice for another week. That is why the search for the alternative begins.

For now I will be reviewing one of the first beauty product that I bought from local Doha supermarket and that is GLYSOLID, you can never find it in the Philippines that is why i was tempted to try and before I did, of course I searched up for review regarding this product and there are a lot of good reviews about it so I said why not? If it wont work then I could just use it as body lotion.

So your first question would be what is GLYSOLID?


Glysolid® Glycerin Skin Cream is the advanced European formula that helps to smooth and soften dry to very dry skin on hands, feet, and the body. With allantoin and a high glycerin content, Glysolid® greatly improves the look and feel of skin in just one application.

Produced in Southern Germany near the ridge of the Alps, Glysolid® has been a favorite skin care product in Europe for over 70 years. It is well known around the world and it is currently available in over 40 countries.

What you would like about it:

Glysolid® contains no mineral oils, parabens, petroleum, or cheap fillers. It also contains no skin irritants, such as perfumes, coloring, or preservatives. This makes Glysolid® compatible with all skin types, including sensitive skin.

MY experience:

I first tried it as a night cream, the consistency is very thick and if you put too much your face would feel very heavy and it is kind of hard to be absorbed. I felt a little awkward coz I’m used to my night water-based serum which feels very light and absorbs very quickly.

The product claims that the reason for its thick consistency for long lasting benefit and there would be no need for you to reapply compare to most of the products today that are thin and watery. In that way it will lock in the skins natural oil and moisture.


Maybe for a winter night cream this is just fine but for summer, I will not recommend it because of its thick consistency which leaves heavy feeling.

I do not recoomend the same as a day cream either or make up based moisturizer as this will flake and wont dissolve the make up evenly.

It made me break out a little, I noticed tiny zits came out the next day around the area where I put too much.

So for now, i’m only using it on my elbow and intimate areas where deep moisturizing is most needed and its doing great on that part.

Overall, this product did not work on my face but it did a great job moisturizing my hard areas like elbow, knees and the like.