Salam Alaykum Everyone!

For some of you who don’t know, i recently moved in Qatar 5 months ago (December) which was overwhelming winter when i arrived and it lasted pretty much until mid of April but now its getting hotter and hotter everyday. Just imagine i got used to 28° C max heat back in ph but in the gulf thats just the starting phase and they call pretty much normal. But seriously, if you are the kind of person who hates humid weather, this isnt the place for you. Even the locals would never get used to it, you can’t even see people outside during the day, well there are but they’re inside the cars to probably go somewhere cold LOL. Anyways, i will be writing a separate blog about summer but for now without further ado, i will be writing today the places i have been so far.

If it’s your first time, you should at least first get to see the main city itself which is DOHA coz that’s pretty much everything about qatar. You have probably search up about DOHA and it showed you pictures of magnificent buildings and towers, well that’s right, in terms of architecture they are so much into detail, i think this is a common thing about GCC countries, they actually compete to one another ( in a good way) which among them are the richest etc.



If you’re new in qatar, first place people would probably recommend to you is the corniche area, this is like the where-to-go of everyone. It is a long beach line along Westbay ( which is the business district of qatar, lying inside DOHA). Basically this is where you can actually find these magnificent and colorful architectures at night. And in here you would encounter the famous “condom tower” which is pretty much obvious.



And of course don’t forget to grab a coffee in the famous Costa place in qatar, its the only coffee shop you can find nearby that area and it’s just perfect for the night and of course it would be perfect to be with a good company walking around it overlooking the beautiful doha itself.


You should at least get to experience riding the famous colorful boat awaiting to tour you around. But you need to at least get a company or you would be paying the whole boat for like around 20- 30 mins ride with lights and music. And yeah i got to experience it with my friend just the two of us and we paid 70, its not that bad at all, and the boat is all yours.


If you’re bored walking outside the corniche area, you can go to the nearest hotel,tada!! the famous Sheraton.


They have pubs, clubs and coffee shops inside and yeah it’s legal to drink alcohol in hotels as long as they are serving it, mafi muskil habibi.

I actually haven’t been in clubs inside so i’m not the right person to describe how is clubbing in qatar. But i did go to a decent resto-pub inside called “Latino” by the word itself you probably have an idea what it’s like. It’s a common latino-style pub with latin live music band, i would classify it as fine dining restaurant during the weekdays but they told me it gets crowded during thursday night which makes it like a normal pub with live music. It’s a little bit pricey tho, what do you expect it’s inside hotel. But sure one time is enough, just get the taste of it once in a while.



You can also go for shopping in just  a walking distance. Yazz Corniche is a perfect area, where you can do a lot of stuff.

Make sure you drop by the CITY CENTER, its a mall like what you have back home, there’s not much difference though, but just saying its pretty close.



If you wanna just chill and have a relaxing view with a nice hot coffee amd cozy place outdoor, there’s no place other than MIA especially during winter best time to go is around 4-6 pm or during summer 6-8 pm. You can find a coffee shop inside the area close to the beach and opposite to it you would see entirely of doha. Look at this photo, its just wow. I went here many times, and i just keep on loving it especially the sunset.