Planning a visit at Qatar’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site?

Good news, no admission fee. Gas up and get amaze with this archeological site.

WHERE: Al Zubarah Fort is located in the municipality of Madinat ash Shamal in Qatar. The nearest town is Al Ruwais. It s located at the northwestern coast of Qatar, 107 km from Doha. Take the North Road to Al-Khor for approximately 50 km and make a U-turn at the Zubarah sign.


You could stop by in MURWAB, you will encounter the sign along the way. Inside Murwab is a sizable village, known to be was occupied from the beginning of the Abbasid Period until being abandoned in the late ninth century at the start of the Qarmatian Revolution.

At present it is a small town where animals like camels, sheep and goats are being raised.


After dropping by in MURWAB, we actually did not take the mainroad going to ZUBARAH, instead we just followed the car trails from Murwab which will eventually lead you to the highway.  But make sure to get down in your car and take a picture with these greenery dessert.

TIMING: The Al-Zubarah fort is open daily from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and closed on Friday mornings.

HISTORY: The Al Khalifa clan of the Utub tribe, the ruling family of Bahrain, have had a strong connection to Al Zubarah town. They ruled the town for a long time and it was the place from which they conquered Bahrain in 1783. Qatari rule over the area has been contested by Bahrain up until recently.

WHAT TO SEE: Inside the castle is a mini museum/exhibition about the fort itself and the are, Zubarah town.

Picture taking is allowed but make sure to follow below:


Enjoy your visit by making sure you have learned something about the history of this place . The fort itself is square-shaped with circular towers in three of its corners, everyone is most welcomed to go inside and check out their museum.

Consider bringing some snacks and refreshments along, as the nearest restaurant is in Madinat Al-Shamal.

Public restrooms are available at the fort.

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