Whether you are new in Qatar, local or expat, we guys have one thing in common – we all love browsing online whether shopping, social networking, youtubing and even dating. And for that I will be writing the top site that will surely help you kill that boredom during your stay in Qatar.

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SHOPPINGWho doesn’t want discounted goods, one thing you will notice once you have stayed in Qatar for quite sometime, everyone only go for shopping if there are sale/promotion. Wherever/whenever there are sale or promotion, people would be talking about it. But one way to be updated is by subscribing to the following online sites:

  1. QATAR i Discounts – Just like its trade mark says “All promos in one place”. You can find here most of the shops that offer discounts especially electronics, household and clothing.

2. Qatar LivingFree Classifieds In Doha – Qatar. Jobs in Qatar, Property … – Qatar Living

This is a classifed ads for pre-loved items which includes Properties, Vehicles, Items and Services , Jobs and many more.

3. Qatar Sale – This is a Online rentals and selling for Car, real estate and heavy equipments.

4. LULUWEBSTORE- Online shopping site of Lulu Super/Hypermarkert/Department Store.

EVENTS– You better check out this two site if you are bored in Qatar or you’re that kind of person who would always like to be outside.

  1. I Love Qatar – It’s an all in one website for events, classified, videos and dining around Qatar. And you have probably heard about Mr Q- well he is just the founder of  this site which is also popular for giving QTIPS to all Qatar expat.


  1. Qatar Happening – Just like I love Qatar, basically it offers the same from events to celebrity news and upcoming events.


DATING- Okay, when i say single i mean someone who has never been married and no excess baggage. I am saying this because of one thing – Qatar is part of GCC Countries and an Arab country which only means the owner of the lands/the locals are Muslim so as the King and dating is HARAM. But if you are single and you’re not in a any way prohibited to date, go ahead i will give you a list of most commonly used applications for dating Qatar. However, i don’t encouraged this.

  1. Tinder – You have probably downloaded this app and tried for sure. Just letting you know that this is a go-site of girls and boys who just wanted to hook up.So if you are seriously looking for a serious relationship, definitely not the one for you. But sure one should not generalize. Happy Hunting!!

2. OKcupid – This one is same as tinder except that the interface is not user friendly.

3. Badoo – They say this is the most popular one, i haven’t tried it and i don’t think i will ever try. But who knows, it might work for you.


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