Believe me when I say I have searched all over the net about dating a Muslim. I read too many stories good and bad, and most of them would advise you to avoid it as soon as you can.

But why should I do that if the only reason Is because he’s a Muslim by birth. As a Christian woman, dating is socially acceptable but I also understand for a Muslim man it will never be acceptable unless you are engage or you were introduced to his parents.

Based from all the readings I did and stories from friends, Muslims are allowed to date non-Muslims, but they are told to date ‘women of the book’ meaning Christians or Jews who they share one same God but not the other way around. If that is the case then I don’t see any problem. However, I am not ignoring the fact that there are also many cases where despite the fact that they both love each other, their Muslim boyfriend is not committing to them/ marrying them which will only fall into one reason “family tradition”. This is common thing with Muslim family as they preserve the culture that they’re very proud of, they have family reputation to maintain and Muslim men have a tremendous respect for their parents. But just like every other relationship regardless of religion this happens, a problem will always arise but without trying how would you know.

All I know is that dating a Muslim is basically just like dating anyone else (regardless of religion, race and culture)– experience and stories may vary depending on the your man’s individual personality. But before committing you should be aware that Muslims have very strong beliefs and a very different culture. You will have to make sure that you are happy making compromises and comfortable with your partner’s views – just as in any inter-religion relationship.

This time I would go in contrary with the norm where they all speak about reason why you shouldn’t date a Muslim.

I want to you to know that not every bicultural couple go through the same issues and not every Muslim is the same. This are based from my own experience, I am also like you, I hope this article would be helpful somehow

  1. Muslims are extremely peace loving men

Drop any preconceived notions you have in your mind about Muslims because just like every other human on Earth, he has child heart, he may not know how to approach a girl because they have not encountered so much of them while growing up but give him chance. Others perceived them as extremist, but you are open minded enough to know that ones belief does not reflect the views of other Muslims.

  1. Muslims take dating highly seriously

They strongly believe in the significance of family and lasting relationships even if they are allowed to marry four times as this is will preserve their family by having too many kids.

If you met someone who just want you for sex that is other part of them just like every other guy, they know how to isolate one girl from the other, who to take seriously and those for fun. However when they fall in love they really do, they become possessive and clingy like no one else is around you, you know he’s serious if he is proud to be with you, he is not ashamed to be with you in public, in short he doesn’t hide you despite the fact that most of people in their culture are not open about this stuff. If he’s not like that to you, you better think already.

A Muslim man will love you more if he feels that you respect the Muslim faith, he will appreciate that you are trying to reach out around his family. During the early stage expect that he will not open up about his family, but in exceptional case like in my situation, I can feel that he is slowly involving his parents to our relationship. If he does that to you it means only one thing ­– he sees you as someone he will gonna marry, so expect that he will be serious about it because as a rule Muslim are forbidden to date other than to find a spouse, so expect relationships to be taken very seriously.

  1. Muslims will always keep Muslim faith regardless of their “true belief”

If you ever consider yourself marrying a Muslim, you must know by now that you kids will be Muslim regardless of what he believes in. If you are not willing to follow this, then it will never work out. This is one of the concern of Muslim family why they don’t want their kids marrying someone outside their religion.

  1. Muslim love their mother

Muslim men have a tremendous respect for their mothers which is a good thing. And oftenly they play the match making for their kids. This might pose some problems if you are a girl outside their religion. But there are exceptional cases where parents are open minded and they love their kids so much that they just support them for whatever decision they make. And if they think you are worthy enough for their son. If your Muslim boyfriend really love you and willing to fight for you then this will be not be a problem. But you should be open to the fact that their family would as much as they can try to convince you to convert to Islam.

ABOVE ALL, what is most important is that you respect each other. This might be hard to judge at first as i read so many things that most Muslim guy tend to be that sweet person at first then you get married and they start beating you up for dishonesty and disobedience. But i personally think that it would not end up like that if you just respect each other and do your duty as a loyal partner just like every other relationship on Earth regardless of religion.