December 9, 2016 I landed in Qatar, it was quite easy for me as everything was prearranged and settled from visa processing, airport transfer, accommodation, to residence permit. However if you are planning to move here either for work, tour, family visit or settlement below are the following guidelines you should take into consideration before moving.

1. JOB

Migrant move to Qatar for the sole purpose of work, so if you are one of us, you should be informed right now that cost of living in Qatar is no joke, 90 percent of all food in Qatar is imported meaning that even the simplest of foods can be expensive and especially that Qatar is the richest country in the world based on per capita spending (Read : The Richest Countries in the World). I highly suggest that you find a Job first before moving here where salary package includes accommodation/Housing and Transportation otherwise, you will be spending all your basic salaries for this only and take note that no one walks in Qatar, everyone has their own car/service/karwa/carlift whatever you call it, this is also due the extremely hot weather but inshallah soon they will be opening metro trains which are still under construction as of today.


Most of expat in Qatar are workers, they did not come here for pleasure or whatsoever. And most them have prearranged housing before they even landed, as i have suggested above you should make sure accommodation is included in your salary package.


You should bring with you clothes long enough to cover shoulders and should not be above the knee in short dress modestly, which, according to Qatari Tourism Authority, means covering my shoulders, cleavage, midriff and knees. You should know that everything is expensive in Qatar except food especially clothing since most of the products are imported. If you will be coming in the winter season from November to March bring with you sweater and thick jackets as it really gets cold during the night and most of places all over Qatar are airconditioned.


Bring with you approximately 500 riyal (PHP 5,000) to survive in a week or two before you get your first payroll but good thing most companies provide cash advance.


Make sure you bring with you all your original documents stamped and verified by your country such as Police clearance, Diploma/Certificate, Passport, Birth Certificate, Marriage Contracts, Transcript of Record etc. whatever you think will be needful in the future take it with you.


If you are earning less than QAR4,000 make sure bring with you your international Visa/MasterCard as this will be helpful in case you needed to make online transactions temporarily since most of the bank in Qatar will not allow you to open an account if your monthly salary is lower than QAR4,000. Be mildful of transaction fee for foreign transaction.


This i forgot to bring, i highly recommend you take with you your local medicines like aspirin, loperamide for bad stomach, paracetamol, etc for your own convenience.

Hope this helps and see around when you get here 🙂

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