Good news everyone, if you lost your Qatari ID as per new rules there is no need to report to the police or file a complaint. All you need to do is prepare the following:

  1. Photocopy of Lost Qatar ID – Either black and white or colored it doesn’t matter as long the bar code is readable.
  2. Copy of Passport – Either black and white or colored  
  3. Bring your original Passport
  4. A letter from Sponsor, in Arabic, stamped and signed – Based from my experience this is not necessary but still bring one in case they look for it.
  5. QAR: 200 in the form of Credit Card – Take note that they don’t accept cash, if don’t have credit card/debit card do not worry, there is a desk in the Door 4 that exchange cash into Card however they will charge QAR 20 for this.

Follow the below steps:

  1. Visit the Gharafah Immigration Office Building No 2. Search in google or click this link.

The building opens at 8 am and be sure to be there only in the morning as they don’t accept replacement application after lunch.

Upon entering the gate, look for Door 2 (Every door has signage). This is located at the right side facing the gate. Go straight up and ask for queue ticket. Sit at the female or male section and wait ’till your number flashes on the screen showing to which counter you will be going.

2. Once called present all the documents, they will be asking for your credit card/debit card and your 4-DIGIT PIN. If you do not have both, before getting the queue number go to Door 4 located outside, go straight up and at the right wing ask any officer for e-cash. You will pay QAR20 for the service charge, total amounting to QAR 220.

3. Once all documents are submitted and the payment is processed, go back to your seat and just wait for your name to be called. This will normally takes 10 minutes and voila you have your new ID again.

Hope this helps, and if you like it make sure click like down below and type in comment box for your questions, suggestions and clarification.