Fed up of trying different creams for acne? Tired of overnight youtube hacks to get rid of pimples and acne marks? Is lemon not working? or not even garlic, sea salt, olive oil honey ?. Guess what you are on the right page.

Perhaps you haven’t heard about it or you did but you never thought it would work on your acne/pimples. Well i don’t blame you, who would thought a nappy cream (Yes! You read it right) our mom used to put all over our asses when we were babies would be the same item that would be helping us to get rid of cystic/hormonal acne.


I first encounter about the wonder of this cream from youtube, well it wouldn’t hurt to try since nappy creams are widely available everywhere. I first tried SUDOCREM (know more about by clicking this link), i used it as overnight mask after cleansing so get ready to mess up your sheets . First impression it was shocking because i didn’t really expect it would do anything i even thought it would make it worst since it’s kinda bit sticky which might clog my pores.

I will not lie about it, at first use you won’t see drastic change because there’s no such thing as overnight remedy even if you try all beauty DIY hacks you googled or youtube. But for this one, you will definitely see the result in a week of continuous use. It works by drying out pimples in minimum 2 days and so as reducing the inflammation or redness. It also reduce the size of the pimple and get rid of small one really fast.

But i noticed sometimes it will take more days for other pimples to dries out and i observed that this usually happens to pimples that i touch a lot so i highly recommend first thing that you should not be doing even with or without pimples, try to not touch your face a lot and if you see a small zit, don’t pop it as it will just worsen and might spread all over.

The reason for the drying effect is because the main ingredient of this product is zinc oxide. However, i read an article saying it is not reccomended to use diaper rash cream on face as it’s possible to develop a contact dermatitis to other common ingredients in many diaper creams. But i highly doubt this as you only need to do spot treatment to affected areas only.

So what do you guys think?

If you ask me this is worth trying as i did. It may not be a quick fix but it helps, who knows it might work better on you as it does to me.