Sometimes guys tend to take girls time for granted, make them wait for an hour, promise more time but the lesser time they give. Seriously, this is not healthy in relationship especially when you always keep the girl expecting, it isn’t just time, it’s about trust. Trusting you to respect her time, the time your wasting that instead she’s doing some other productive stuff but you kept her waiting for nothing. You make her expect for nothing, you make her want you more for nothing, you make her miss you more, moreover you make her feel forgotten and unspecial.

The following are tips when you feel he’s doesn’t respect your time anymore.

1. Maybe he needs personal space.

Most guys are not clingy, they love it when you give them personal space. I know maybe at times they love it more to hang out with their friends rather than joining you with your errands, but it doesnt mean he doesnt love you anymore. All he needs is more personal time, then so be it. Give him what he wants the sooner he realize you have changed by making him feel you love it when he spends time with his friends  and do his own stuff, the more he will crave for your time. REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY.

2. Make him feel jealous

Guys hate it when you mention something about different guys to them like your ex bf or your guy friends that make them feel inferior, so don’t do it. What i mean in here is to make yourself busy, spend more time with your friends as well and let him know,

If there are guys in your circles, the better. The more he’ll feel paranoid whenever you spend more time with them and hence he’d want you to spend more than with him.

3. Don’t forget to post fun photos

If your both following each other on snapchat, go post a lot about your activity. Remember guys love independent woman, but they love it more when they know you need them. By doing that you make them feel your strong independent woman and you could be happy even not with him. Makes him go crazy and want you to depend on him.

4. Talk to him

If you’re sick and tired of him getting repeatedly late by more than 30 minutes and so, find for a good time and place to talk about it and what’s causing his delays/tardiness.

Relay to him frankly in a nice way that it is causing you inconvenience (if that is the case), that you have prioritize to see you during that time yet he doesn’t waste the time by keeping you waiting without prior notice of what’s causing his delay. Avoid using provocative language like  “You always make me wait” or “You just don’t care enough”, instead tell him nicely you don’t feel comfortable whenever he makes you wait or at least tell you ahead of time that he will be late and for what reason. Some guys would tend to say sorry and promise not to do again but keep on doing anyways, so remind him all the time whenever he does but not in a way he would feel you are being naggy otherwise, he might have the idea of what you be like in the future and might call it off. So, be careful with the choice of words, if you love him so much despite the fact that he does it a lot, compromise and talk, try to make him understand what you feel about it.

5. If he’s always late, don’t expect anymore

When he does it a lot despite talking about it, i guess your last option is to get used to it or at least don’t get your hopes up. Don’t expect for him to be on time anymore, the lesser you expect the ,lesser the pain. Like what they say someone who is chronically late will probably be chronically late forever.

6. If this bothers you a lot, then start moving on.

I guess if you have done all this things and none of them is working, yet it still bothers you then better call it quits. Perhaps if you try to break up with him for this purpose, he might consider changing to make you stay. But if the reason why he’s always late is to indirectly tell you that he wanted a breakup, then i think it is also good for you, who would want to be with a guy who will be late forever.

No One, you deserve your time to be respected.