One night my boyfriend brought me to a Kuwaiti Restaurant, i had never tasted any Kuwaiti food before but i expect it will be the same as some other arab cuisine we have here in Qatar. Though i had been in Kuwait before for  5 hours layover , i was not able to try any of their local foods. Anyways, so yeah my boyfriend brought me to this place called AL BAIT AL KUWAITI RESTAURANT here in Doha located at AL GHARAFFA (Click this link for the map)  .


Looking at the outside, you woudn’t expect this is a restaurant, its more like a residential house and so as the ambiance inside. As expected the set up is same as other arabic restaurant, where you can either sit on the floor or have your table and chair in closed door cubicles. And of course as you can see we have chosen to be seated on floor.



For the menu, they are serving common arabic dishes like Hamsah, salona, mutabak, Majboos, Biryani and many more, you can check it out at ZOMATO (Click this link) 


In my opinion i think the prices are reasonable enough as a casual dining, it is well ventilated, you gotta enjoy personal TV and Aircon and they serve complimentary drinks while waiting.


If you wanna spend some private time in less crowded place, this is definitely a good option. Foods are okay, taste like arabic of course (LOL). Ambiance is good also except that lightings, inside the cubicle there’s too much light striking on my face which makes it a little bit awkward especially if you are having bad foundation day  which i had at that time. But its worth trying once in a while and the location is perfect also, there are plenty of restaurants around it, if don’t feel good about the food and place you can always switch up to the next in line.

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