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Hi There! Who am I? I am Suddenly but you can call “Lee” for short. All my posts were just randomly popped up to my brain and I thought it would be nice to share it to my confidently beautiful followers and viewers, so yeah CONGRATULATIONS! You are one of them! and I am very delighted you came across my blog.

For every post I made and I will be making, I’ll make sure you will only get real reviews.
I don’t claim to be some great beauty blogger or make up guru but I can assure you I am completely independent third person who has not been paid to do ads and stuff like that.

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I currenly live in the city of Makati,Philippines but soon will be moving to the Persian Gulf. As of the moment my life is just about work, home, friends and you.

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My dream is to travel the world but back in college it was tough i never had time. But now i’m done with school, i have my degree and proven myself to my family. Now it’s the time for me to search my own happiness and find that silverlining which i’m about to chase.

2016-09-06 10.26.21 1.jpg

2016 was very remarkable year for me, lot of things happened. I earned my degree, passed CPA exam, got to work in my dream firm, and traveled much.

And late 2016, i moved in Doha, Qatar to pursue my career but still continuously blogging another chapter of my life and this i will be sharing with you guys.


But travelling is best shared with your love one, but who said i’m alone? i am currently in a healthy relationship and inshallah will last forever.

Happy Reading Guys. I hope i inspire you and make you dream as early as now.

To know more about me, fee free to follow me on

INSTRAGRAM : @suddenlysbabaran

FACEBOOK : Suddenly S Babaran


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